Does a tattoo make you another person?


When I was searching on the web, I came across a campagne about stop racism against tattood people. First I saw pictures of people in their normal clothes and in ther work clothes. Almost immediatyely the question popped up in my head, why can’t these people be their selves on their work? When I search for more I also find a campain ‘judging America’ from the photographer Joel Parés. In this campain “he decided to challenge  our prejudices and stereotypes with portrait diptychs. Harvard graduates, CEOs of major companies, nurses and veterans are transformed into gangsters, strippers, drug dealers, homeless or undocumented immigrants., pointing the easy judgements based on profession, ethnicity or sexual orientation.” (


I thind it’s very good that these types of campagnes exist, in my opinion people with tattoo’s or piercings are not different than people without. Some ink in your body doesn’t make you another person. So what is it that the people in the first campagnes have to live a ‘double’ life? In some professions it’s not alloowed to show your tattoo’s, piercings, or other things that aren’t ‘normal’. I think it’s very narrow-minded, to think like this nowadays.

I think it’s because some people are to judgemental and outdated. People with a lot of tattoo’s don’t suit in their beauty ideaal. It also has to do with image made status, you are what you do, so when you’re a docter you aren’t a tattood biker?


The times are changed, now a days you are a docter, a husband, a father, a biker, you like cooking and tattoo’s. So I hope that the future people will be less judgemental, because there is no need for. If we all accept people for how they are we make the world a better place!

P.S. a little video about a full body tattood man gets a cover up, maybe you can see how judgemental you are……


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